UltraGlas® is manufactured under California’s strict air and environmental standards. All manufacturing processes meet or exceed regulations set forth by the City and County of Los Angeles and the State of California. In addition, we are proud to take the following steps to ensure that UltraGlas is produced in the most ecologically sensitive manner:

  • All float glass used in the production of UltraGlas is composed of a minimum of 15-30% recycled glass (cullet).
  • UltraGlas, Inc. makes every effort to re-use scrap glass resulting from our own manufacturing process.
  • UltraGlas, Inc. can de-temper and re-use existing tempered glass to create new art glass.
  • UltraGlas, Inc. is listed with local recycling agencies and is notified when recycled glass is available.
  • UltraGlas, Inc. purchases scrap glass from local suppliers and recycles it into beautiful, functional objects of art.
  • UltraGlas, Inc. is listed with local art schools and recycling centers as a source for scrap glass.
  • When requested, UltraGlas can often be created from 100% recycled glass.
  • All packing materials used are recyclable and are re-used whenever possible.

We take pride in our efforts to promote the health and well being of our planet, neighbors, clients, employees and friends. We take every opportunity to investigate and utilize new techniques that protect the environment from pollution and conserve precious natural resources.

We welcome suggestions or information that may further contribute to this essential effort.