Coloration: Opaque or Translucent

UltraGlas has developed a process and material to permanently color glass, resulting in a monolithic panel that will retain its color regardless of the environment and its installation.  This is not paint or a coating and can be opaque or translucent.  It is applied prior to firing and can be placed on the textured or “smoother” side of the glass, adding to its reflectivity, refraction, color casting and allure.  It’s ideal for walls, screens, flooring tile, counter tops and for use indoors and out.  This is available in standard and custom colors.

In addition, we are also licensed for various other types of vibrant, subtle, color applications.  Employing all methods of color application, hand painting, spraying, airbrushing, printing, stencils, films, etc., we can accommodate any requirement on all sized projects.