UltraGlas Tile

Dimensional UltraGlas Tiles are much more luminous and radiant than other, more traditional tile choices. Tiles are available in many standard sizes, shapes, designs and textures. Texture may be on the #1/front surface, resulting in a tactile less glossy finish, or on the #2/back surface creating a more shimmery sleek look. Custom components may be created to coordinate with very specific needs. Standard glass thickness of UltraGlas Tiles is 1/4”. For slabs, flooring and other applications requiring more body, thicknesses up to 3/4” and larger panels may be commissioned.

Tiles may be specified in any of 30 Standard UltraGlas colors — custom colors may be specified in minimum quantities.

Please see our Standard Colors Page in our Processes / Products for color options.

All designs and imagery are copyrighted and shall remain the property of UltraGlas, Inc. They may not be copied or used in any way without expressed written permission. Please refer to “Copyright and Terms of Use” section.