Heavy Textures

Heavy Glass Textures

UltraGlas offers a comprehensive selection of standard textures and designs that naturally express the full range of organic, graphic, traditional, modern and contemporary styles. Custom designs may be commissioned to complement style or motif.

The heavier textures have greater depth to the patterning and are usually more lush in their visual and tactile qualities than the subtle textures.  They are ideal for use in nearly any application where a statement is desired and can be used as single or multiple panels.

Margins of any dimension can be left flat, without texture, on any or all edges, holes and cutouts, for ease of installation.  UltraGlas Account Executives will assist in adapting any texture to your project.

Photos can’t always tell the whole story. Please request a sample or additional photos if necessary.

Please note:  Photo imagery is not to scale.  Since UltraGlas is  handmade, variations will occur and may differ from the photo.  Our products are uniquely custom  and individual.

All designs and imagery are copyrighted and shall remain the property of UltraGlas, Inc. They may not be copied or used in any way without expressed written permission. Please refer to “Copyright and Terms of Use” section.