Subtle Textures

Subtle Glass Textures

UltraGlas offers a comprehensive selection of standard textures and designs that naturally express the full range of organic, graphic, traditional, modern and contemporary styles. Custom designs may be commissioned to complement style or motif.

Subtle textures have a low profile and are relatively smooth overall.  They are usually used either as they are, as background textures for other embossed designs, or in combination with other subtle textures.

They are usually appropriate for nearly all applications and are particularly useful as the #2 surface for bar tops and counters when a very smooth surface is required.  As the #1 surface, they are generally flat enough as a bar or counter top and feature a tactile, low maintenance and durable surface that will camouflage wear and tear of heavy use.  Many of the subtle textures when used as the #1 surface, are also ideal for flooring as they offer a good coefficient of friction for slip-resistance and do not show wear.

Please note: Photo imagery is not to scale.  Since UltraGlas is  handmade, variations will occur and may differ from the photo.  Our products are uniquely custom  and individual.

All designs and imagery are copyrighted and shall remain the property of UltraGlas, Inc. They may not be copied or used in any way without expressed written permission. Please refer to “Copyright and Terms of Use” section.