The Benefits of Thick Glass Countertops

Besides the sleek look, there are many benefits to Molded Glass Countertops. Glass Countertops can be formed into practically any shape, size and color. They can also be molded with a multitude of textures to create a unique custom design. Molded and textured glass is a great investment because of its durability and functionality. It is becoming embraced by leading designers due to its modern aesthetic and versatility. It”s easily maintained and its non-porous surface makes it almost stain- proof.  It’s one of the most hygienic countertop materials available too. With one of our many Ultra-textures, a low-profile embossing as the top, it provides a tactile and very durable surface casino online that conceals wear and tear.  No more visible scratches that yield the typical unsightly and age-worn online casino glass top.  Read more